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Guidehouse helps energy providers transform enterprise capital management capabilities by combining business planning, innovative transformation strategies, and integrated asset management solutions to implement an effective, data-driven approach for investment planning and portfolio optimization. 

How We Help 

  • Grid Transformation Strategy and Roadmapping
    We help utilities develop programs and tools for envisioning, designing, and evaluating grid transformation opportunities. Our offerings help energy providers develop a more resilient, reliable, and safer infrastructure while enabling the deployment of new technologies, supporting increasing distributed energy resources (DER), and evolving customer needs and expectations. We support clients in creating structured processes for modeling transformation strategies, quantifying benefits for prioritization, and developing consistent business cases for strategic planning, roadmapping, and capital allocation.
  • Integrated Asset Management & Planning
    Our team provides industry expertise for planning and managing generation, transmission, and distribution assets, including performance modeling, testing, risk analysis, and benchmarking. We develop grid reliability and disaster mitigation strategies that build on and optimize existing reliability data, utility processes, and systems through the modeling and analysis of asset risk profiles. We work with utilities to implement and refine existing enterprise asset investment planning strategies to ensure they are positioned to gain the most value from their investments and aligned to their transformation journey. 
  • Full Lifecycle Development Support
    We guide utilities working toward more dynamic and transparent capital investment life cycle management by sharing best practices, envisioning the potential future state, and then partnering to build integrated processes, systems, and data for enterprise planning, project portfolio management, risk management, asset performance management, and financial processes to make cross-functional business decisions. We provide organizational change management and data and process skills training to help changes stick.

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