Nuanced Solutions Are Needed to Decarbonized Commercial Vehicles

Study explores the challenges facing medium and heavy duty vehicle market policies

In collaboration with Fuels Institute, Guidehouse released a new report that explores the overall challenges that the medium and heavy duty vehicle (MHDV) market faces on the road to decarbonization. The report highlights the complexity of the market and identifies the top five and bottom five applications for MHDV decarbonization as a function of technology readiness and quantifies each market’s impact on the overall U.S. MHDV market and contribution to U.S. MHDV greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

In terms of vehicle emissions, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. This especially true for the dynamic and complex MHDV market.  MHDVs emit nearly 1/3 of U.S. on-road greenhouse gas emissions, but strategies that work for light duty vehicles may not apply to these vehicles.

This new report, written by Guidehouse Insights, dissects the complexities of the MHDV market, identifying 17 unique vehicle types within the sector and evaluating their use applications, duty cycles, energy needs and share of GHG emissions. They then evaluated what opportunities and challenges exist for each vehicle application when it comes to decarbonizing.

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