Renewable Natural Gas Industry Advances US Job Growth and Economy

Guidehouse's study for the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas analyzes the industry's economic impact

Critical to the clean energy future, renewable natural gas (RNG) is a clean, affordable, and reliable waste-derived fuel that can be used for transportation fuel for vehicles, generation of electricity, and thermal heating applications.


In an updated study published by the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas, Guidehouse analyzed the contribution of RNG to the US economy in 2022, demonstrating RNG’s benefits to the economy and employment in addition to its environmental advantages. According to the report, presented during the annual RNG Conference in December 2022, RNG is estimated to contribute 38,500 in jobs, $4.8 billion in GDP, and $9.5 billion in total business sales in 2022.


While the industry is relatively small today, the report finds that RNG has the potential to create thousands of jobs, as the addition of 800 new facilities would create an estimated 33,400 total jobs from RNG production and 200,900 total construction jobs.


For more information, read the study here.

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