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Quantitative Analytics & Data Governance

The need for managing data and analytics is critical to meeting regulatory requirements and managing risks, while creating competitive advantage and deepening customer relationships. Financial institutions are actively exploring how to incorporate advancing methodologies that leverage existing data, models, and tools that drive effective and cost-efficient results. Quantitative analytics can unlock valuable insights hidden within your own data, when managed clearly and thoughtfully.

Our quantitative analytics professionals help you employ the power of the most innovative methodologies by combining deep industry experience with advanced modeling expertise. Using complex regression analysis, classification, and machine learning-based algorithms, we help you manage risk and meet regulatory expectations, utilizing models aligned to your unique business priorities and portfolio.

Capital Planning & Stress Testing

Guidehouse’s enterprise risk management professionals deliver deep expertise in the areas of credit, market, and operational risk. We provide key resources and technology to help you meet stress-testing and capital planning requirements.

Data Governance

Bad data leads to poor decisions, so data governance is critical. Guidehouse’s data scientists provide customized solutions to help you establish data management frameworks that span infrastructure, process, control, remediation, and compliance.

Data Linkage & Enhancement

Guidehouse works with companies to make sense of the information that they have, fill in the gaps with the information that they need, and build the processes to garner actionable insights. We use an array of technology to piece together fragments of a story – often resident within siloed legacy systems and disparate data formats – to help companies see and act on the big picture. From sophisticated data matching algorithms to intelligent machine learning models, we are at the forefront of empowering companies to not only meet their regulatory obligations, but to also enhance and streamline their operations and better understand their customers, products, and markets.

Model Development

Our industry-leading model development methodologies enable effective decision-making and meet regulatory requirements, such as the Federal Reserve Board’s SR 11-7 guidance. We help you look beyond the immediate model to envision and create interconnected networks of models.

Model Risk Management

Current practices rarely consider the interrelationships between models, leaving companies blind to the overall risk impact on a bank’s financials and capital adequacy. Our experts bring extensive experience in developing and integrating a wide variety of analytical tools to evaluate risk models from a holistic viewpoint.

Model Validation

Is your model performing as anticipated? Do you continuously challenge the assumptions of your risk models and potential business impact? Our experts follow a proven validation methodology that meets regulatory requirements and ensures that models deliver repeatable, accurate, and consistent results.

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