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Financial institutions are proactively managing risk to accelerate business execution and create competitive advantage. Forward-looking governance, risk, and compliance programs protect value by enabling continuous risk monitoring, real-time reporting, and visibility across their operating model. More importantly, these programs align how the organization conducts business against its goals, while monitoring and mitigating risks that impede success.

Guidehouse blends risk management and regulatory compliance expertise with operational strategy and effectiveness, technology, and data analytics experience to deliver holistic insight that drives value and protects clients. We provide integrated financial risk consulting solutions and technology through a full suite of proactive and reactive solutions to help you execute, while managing risk and maintaining compliance. Our financial risk management consultants bring deep industry experience and specialized skills to help guide your risk management strategy and provide insight to drive long-term value and resiliency within your organization.

Data Privacy

Proper handling of data is critical in the face of regulations and to protect personal information. Guidehouse will help you establish a framework to secure, protect, and manage the controlled proliferation of data to satisfy both internal and external privacy mandates, as well as consumer preferences. Further, we understand and can help solve for the unique challenges presented from a domestic and global privacy perspective.

Enterprise Risk Management

Guidehouse’s Enterprise Risk Management framework helps financial institutions evaluate program effectiveness against industry benchmarks and firm strategic priorities to create an optimal risk management operating model. We partner with clients to identify, assess, monitor, and respond to risks, enabling improved agility, organizational sustainability, and resilience. We help companies design/adapt programs that protect value, drive growth, and ensure compliance. 

Examination Preparedness

Increased and dynamic regulatory priorities make it difficult for financial institutions to prioritize enhancement opportunities leading into a regulatory exam. More importantly, these companies need a sound and defensible response when issues are uncovered by regulators or internal audit. Guidehouse is at the forefront of regulatory change, leveraging deep industry knowledge to guide effective and efficient examination preparedness and calculated response for our clients.

Regulatory Change Management

Managing continuous regulatory change can be costly, labor-intensive, and often ineffective. Building an agile and proactive governance program can transform regulatory change risk into opportunity. Guidehouse partners with companies to build a sustainable and flexible compliance program that can respond to dynamic changes. We team with clients to create a culture of compliance, enabled by the most effective and efficient framework for their unique business. Most importantly, we are in the trenches with you, operationalizing compliance controls.

Third Party Risk Management

Banks are harnessing the power of third-party relationships at unprecedented scale and scope. These complex relationships often introduce unforeseen risks to your organization, attracting the attention of regulatory/supervisory agencies, often resulting in stiff penalties for noncompliance. Guidehouse works with clients to examine third-party relationships, focused on tightening monitoring policies and increasing risk visibility, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Unclaimed Property Data Enhancement Services

We help insurers, banks, and others exceed regulatory requirements while reducing operational costs. We assist in achieving compliance while maximizing the customer and beneficiary experience through our customized and proprietary match engine, industry-leading decedent database, sophisticated analytics, and escheatment services. We help these companies optimize claims processes with a full range of data services spanning from address remediation to next-of-kin identification. Read More

Operations & Consumer Compliance Risk Monitoring & Testing

Shifting regulations, increased regulatory scrutiny, and risks stemming from complex third-party relationships continue to challenge financial institutions. In today’s consumer friendly environment, lenders and servicers struggle to maintain profitability, underscoring the need to strike a balance between minimizing operational cost and improving customer experience. Guidehouse’s solutions enable real-time and continuous monitoring across portfolios, empowering rapid identification and resolution of potential risk, as well as untapped opportunity. Read More

Our team of regulatory and product experts work closely with clients to devise the right approach to meet any consumer finance challenge. Our full suite of outsourced compliance testing solutions includes:

  • Continuous Asset Monitoring: A myopic view of lending portfolios can obstruct a lender’s ability to drive servicing performance and stay ahead of high-risk loans. Our analytics tool enables automated, real-time monitoring across portfolios centralized on a single platform.
  • Semi-Automated Compliance Testing: Our web-based platform enables clients to test risk-based loan samples through a combination of semi-automated and manual testing scripts. Testing results and support documentation are housed and monitored within the platform, giving you real-time reporting and full transparency for your compliance personnel.
  • Test Plan Database: Guidehouse has developed test plans for more than 70 regulations covering mortgage, auto, deposits, etc. The test plan database allows clients to accelerate their compliance testing goals.
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