Building a Data Foundation

The Role of Data and Evidence in Advancing the President’s Management Agenda

The President’s Management Agenda (PMA) is one of the primary tools an administration can use to communicate and facilitate its internal management priorities across the federal enterprise. The Biden administration published its PMA Vision in November 2021, emphasizing three key priorities: strengthening and empowering the federal workforce; delivering excellent, equitable and secure federal experience and customer experience; and managing the business of government. This PMA builds on the priorities of past administrations, which also included priorities centered around the federal workforce, customer experience, financial performance and data transparency.
The Partnership for Public Service, in collaboration with Guidehouse, conducted a series of events in 2022 with senior PMA priority area leaders, experienced federal management practitioners and former government executives to share highlights of the administration’s management agenda and help federal employees think about how it relates to their work.  

This report expands on these discussions by providing agencies with critical building blocks for meeting the PMA’s goals, focusing on investments in strong data infrastructure and using data to improve internal operations and external services. The report features case studies detailing how three agencies have successfully created a data infrastructure and used that data to drive lasting change on the three PMA priorities.

The case studies examine how the Department of the Air Force uses data to enhance management of its workforce; how the Department of Veterans Affairs gathers and applies data to deliver important services and improve the customer experience; and how the Bureau of the Fiscal Service at the Department of the Treasury uses data to better manage the business of government.

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