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Managing Risk in Home Equity Lines of Credit

Real estate secured loans are still the lowest cost of borrowing, but Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs) are facing increasing competition from new entrants (e.g., FinTech and alternative forms of credit). In fact, HELOC is the only form of household debt that has not resumed growth since the financial crisis. Recent regulatory and class action law suits have highlighted the risks in servicing HELOCs.

Banks looking to successfully grow their HELOC loan portfolios should aim to simplify the overall product design, implement automation and automated controls during account setup/onboarding, and institute efficient data governance throughout account servicing.



Learn how leading banks are staying competitive by proactively addressing key risks in servicing HELOC portfolios.


Additional contributors: Vincent Urbancic, James Christenson, Justin Nusbaum, Savannah Xiao, Connor Pendergrass, Konrad Neptune

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Banks need to proactively manage lending and servicing risks to profitably grow their HELOC portfolios. By focusing efforts on product design, account setup, and ongoing servicing, banks can reduce confusion and friction in lending process for borrowers to compete with new entrants, substitutes, and other forms of credit while reducing servicing risk.

Brad Schaltenbrand
Managing Director

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